Pool Water Enhancers
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Pool Water Enhancers BioGuard Pool Complete™ (4820)

Pool Complete™

Item ID: (4820)
Brand: BioGuard

  • 3-in-1 high intensity weekly formula adds the final touch to any pool program
  • Keeps water AMAZINGLY clear
  • Prevents build-up around the pool waterline
  • Continuously removes phosphate to the filter


Pool Water Enhancers BioGuard Polysheen® Blue (4863)

Polysheen® Blue

Item ID: (4863)
Brand: BioGuard

  • Highly concentrated water clarifier, no dilution needed
  • Fast-acting formula that clears cloudy water
  • Recommended for weekly use
  • For all pool and filter types


Pool Water Enhancers BioGuard Natural Clarifier (4868)

Natural Clarifier

Item ID: (4868)
Brand: BioGuard

  • Keeps your water sparkling and your filter working at peak efficiency
  • Biodegradable and contains no dye or fragrance
  • Works with natural ingredient, Chitosan (made from crustacean exoskeletons), to capture sediment particles
  • Suitable for all pool surface types and all treatment types


Pool Water Enhancers BioGuard Pool Tonic™ (4805)

Pool Tonic™

Item ID: (4805)
Brand: BioGuard

  • Eliminates cloudy, hazy or dull water
  • Removes phosphate and other common contaminants
  • Dual-action formula treats up to 20,000 gallons


Pool Water Enhancers BioGuard PowerFloc™ (4856)


Item ID: (4856)
Brand: BioGuard

  • Clears excessively cloudy water commonly associated with algae blooms
  • Concentrated formula that works quickly
  • Particles settle to bottom of the pool for vacuum removal
  • The more debris in the water the faster it works


Pool Water Enhancers BioGuard Sparkle Up® (4852)

Sparkle Up®

Item ID: (4852)
Brand: BioGuard

  • Works with your filter to remove tiny particles of suspended dirt, plaster, dust and more
  • Restores water sparkle, keeps water clear
  • Aids in removal of copper and iron to prevent metal staining
  • For use with all filter types


Pool Water Enhancers BioGuard Skim Mor® (21401BIO)

Skim Mor®

Item ID: (21401BIO)
Brand: BioGuard

  • Treated with Myclex® to attack oils, lotions and cosmetics
  • Stops debris and scum before it reaches your filter
  • Extends the life of the filter
  • Easy to use – just slip onto skimmer


Pool Water Enhancers BioGuard Natural Result™ (4821)

Natural Result™

Item ID: (4821)
Brand: BioGuard

  • Natural enzyme product that controls odors and waterline build-up
  • Improves filtration
  • Keeps your pool cleaner longer
  • Recommended for use once a week use


Pool Water Enhancers BioGuard Optimizer Plus®  (4010)

Optimizer Plus®

Item ID: (4010)
Brand: BioGuard

  •     Improves bathing comfort
  •     Provides superior water quality
  •     For use in all pool types


Pool Water Enhancers BioGuard Clarifying Tablets (4858)

Clarifying Tablets

Item ID: (4858)
Brand: BioGuard

  • Restores water sparkle, keeping pool water clear
  • Aids filter by removing tiny particles of dirt, plaster dust, pollen and more
  • Easy to use, just add to skimmer
  • For use with sand filters only


Pool Water Enhancers BioGuard Spa Complete (7560)

Spa Complete

Item ID: (7560)
Brand: BioGuard

Spa Complete™
3-in-1 Intensity Formula that:

Keeps water amazingly clear
Softens water
Keeps spa clean
Smells great with a touch of lavender and eucalyptus


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