Pool Algae Killers
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Pool Algae Killers BioGuard Back Up® (3109)

Back Up®

Item ID: (3109)
Brand: BioGuard

  • Non-staining formula prevents a wide variety of algae
  • Powerful wetting agent and surfactant help it work into cracks and crevices
  • Keeps your pool protected while you’re on vacation, just add an extra dosage


Pool Algae Killers BioGuard Banish® (3107)


Item ID: (3107)
Brand: BioGuard

  • Our premium formula, highly effective, kills ALL types of algae
  • Fast-acting, non-foaming, producing results in 24 hours
  • Use in chlorine or bromine pools with all surfaces or filter types


Pool Algae Killers BioGuard Poly-Gard® (3667*)


Item ID: (3667*)
Brand: BioGuard

Product Variations
Polygard® 946 mL
Polygard® 3.78 L

  • Excellent for use with pools with attached spas or fountains
  • Works in chlorinated or brominated pools
  • Prevents all types of algae


Pool Algae Killers BioGuard Erase® (3108)


Item ID: (3108)
Brand: BioGuard

  •     BioGuard’s best formula, highly effective, kills ALL types of algae
  •     Fast-acting
  •     Suitable for all surface types


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